Family Office Coaching with Lance Meikle


January 22, 2021


Co-host is Nat Daley, Financial Adviser & Managing Partner at Hard-Line Wealth (Coolangatta, Queensland). Nat is a gentleman, a father to young Lenny Jean, husband, and someone I respect. He certainly punches above his wait in the financial planning sector.

Nat is in the process of adding Family Office to the service offering of Hard Line Wealth.

Recently, Nat was a guest of our largest Family Office, Management Team meeting so he could experience the reality, not the theory of what goes on. Nat answered the below questions:

  • The difference in experience and offering between being a financial planning, and a Family Office client
  • If you’re a financial planner, should or shouldn’t you broaden your Financial Planning offer or take a leap of faith and explore Family Office and why?
  • What’s it like to experience a Family Office Management Team?
  • What is it that excites you about having Family Office clients?
  • What have your observed to be the key differences between being a high-end Financial Planning | Private Wealth client and being a Family Office client?
  • Knowing what you know now, would you recommend to the financial planners listening to this episode, that they broaden their Financial Planning offer or take a leap of faith and explore Family Office and why?
  • What advice would you give our audience if they are weighing up whether to put their ‘toe in the water’ and looking at becoming a multi-family Office?
  • After your experience of sitting in on the Management Team of our largest Family Office, how (or has) this changed how you deal with prospects & existing financial planning clients?
  • In your career, have you come across, or experienced, a similar offering to Family Office?


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